Ranveer Ching Returns Released (Video)

Ranveer Ching Returns (The War of Desi Chinese) has been released today at last and this 5 minutes long short film impresses with its visual effects, action scenes, direction and acting played by its lead actors.

This Mad Max style short film is set in distant future where Ranveer Singh (as Ranveer Ching in the movie) saves the day for all suffering in hunger by providing them Chinese food. Yes exactly, the Chinese food because this film is actually is an advertisement that is solely made for the Chinese food brand Ching’s Secret. Raveer Singh is the brand ambassador for this food chain in real life that supplies ready made meals at very nominal price.

Considering their product price range one must admire the efforts and the huge budget the company has spent on Raveer Ching Returns. Lots of big names from Bollywood industry has been associated with this ad film that includes Shankar Ehsan Loy, Ganesh Acharya and Gulzar.

Ranveer Ching Returns is directed by Rohit Shetty and the leading lady is Tamannaah Bhatia who looks really gorgeous and sexy in the movie. The ad does not bore you with old school idea of mother and son appearing in food relevant ads, albeit, Ranveer Ching Returns takes a different approach in ads’ storytelling.

It also interesting to see Raveer Singh playing the role of his own mother towards the end of this short film and it seems like Rohit Shetty has another dose of entertainment saved for us in coming time as you will see “To Be Continued” at the end.

With this high budget ad it will be interesting to see where other brands of same caliber will place themselves in the market and will Ranveer Ching Returns change the mindset of existing ad campaigners. Also, as we know that the length of this ad unusual (as compared to other ads we watch in everyday life) how this will affect on content writing only time can answer such questions.

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