Negan is the hero of ‘The Walking Dead’: Jeffrey Dean Morgan says

Jeffrey Dean Morgan has recently predicted that Negan could have been the hero of “The Walking Dead.”

In a recent interview, Mr. Morgan has spoken that he is excited because in this season of “The Walking Dead,” Negan has played protagonist rather than a villain. Thus, he feels that his fans would love this new character.

Jeffrey has named it to be amusing and sweet experience of his life. Moreover, he says, “I could never have enjoyed playing the show’s hero because I love being versatile no matter if my character is a negative minded person.”

Born in April 1966, this American actor reveals that he would love to play the leading role in “Batman” as he wants to prove himself as a versatile performer. It seems that this celeb is little tired of what he is doing nowadays.

Dean Morgan rose to the limelight because of his beautiful work as Negan in “The Walking Dead,” John Winchester in “Supernatural,” Denny Duquette in “Grey’s Anatomy,” and Ike Evans in “Magic City.”

Recently, this Washington-based star said that he never liked to argue about his role in “The Walking Dead,” but his only dream is that he does not do the role of The Governor again, a villain of season 3-5.

Morgan claims that he was never comfortable being The Governor, and feels that his performance was not very impressive.

Morgan’s presence in the hit AMC show has been delighted and reviled for the viewers. It would not be wrong to say that by the whole he has been given enough chances to prove his acting skills.

This show is in its seventh season, and its first episode was aired back in October. Morgan shared his thoughts with ABC News and said, “In case, Negan was a weak character, I would have never enjoyed being a part of this show.”

“Negan is our hero, and I hope that my fans would never get angry or scared of him. Instead, people should consider him a guy who has kept everyone alive,” Morgan adds.

“To me, I think Negan is the best villain of all villains that have ever been introduced in the world of entertainment,” Morgan has stated.

This means the superstar thinks that Negan is a compelling character and should not be taken for granted.

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