Must-See Photos Of The Walking Dead’s Alanna Masterson

Alanna Masterson was born in June 1988. She is a prominent actress from the US. This bold and beautiful lady is best known for her character as Tara Chambler in AMC’s The Walking Dead. She was born in New York City, to Carol Masterson and Joe Reaiche. In her siblings, she has Jordan Masterson, Danny Masterson, Christopher Masterson, and Will Masterson.

She was raised in California. Alanna had a passion for acting since her childhood. Her performance in the fourth season of ABC’s Mistresses has also been great. She dated Brick Stowell for a couple of months. In November 2015, the couple was blessed with a baby daughter named Marlowe. If you are a fan of this lovely lady, you must have seen all of her TV programs. There is a lot to like about her. First of all, she looks smoky hot. Another characteristic is that she possesses great acting skills, and is said to be very devoted.

The character Masterson has played in The Walking Dead is very much different from Tara of the comic books. Obviously, our television Tara is not one of the saviors. Below we have some must-see photos of Alanna Masterson. We can confidently say that you would love her poses. Let me here tell you that this marvelous lady has done photo-shoots with magazines too. Honestly speaking, Alanna Masterson has all the characteristics that could make us go crazy for her.

Some like her in The Walking Dead and some don’t. That’s fair because everyone has his own opinion. But it is not fair to attack the actress for her weight. We know that she is slightly overweight, compared to other ladies of American showbiz industry. Still, Alanna has managed to maintain her personality. We suggest her to shed some pounds so that she can enhance her overall beauty, charm, and attraction.

1. Alanna Masterson looks glamorous in this black outfit

2. It seems that The Walking Dead’s beauty is ready for going to sleep.

3. This descent whit dress adds value to her attraction. Am I right?

4. Alanna looks simple yet gorgeous in this casual photo.

5. Masterson appeared on the cover of a magazine a few months ago.

6. The Walking Dead’s Alanna Masterson is ready for a party. Here her hair looks cute.

7. Alanna Masterson looks like a little kid. She is enjoying time with a teddy bear.

8. This gorgeous sky-blue dress gives her a bold and adorable look. Isn’t it?

Do you like this glamorous girl?

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