Jonah Hill Hospitalized After Snorting Cocaine (Video)

Jonah Hill recently, in an interview on HBO, has revealed his experience working with the great Martin Scorsese. He told the media that how he ended up in the hospital after snorting lots of cocaine during the shooting of The Wolf of Wall Street (2013).

Do not be stunned guys as Jonah Hill was neither addicted to cocaine nor he was forced to take doses of it. What it actually was a Vitamin D powder and Jonah Hill had to fake it during the shooting but he had to repeat this on-screen habit so many times that he was admitted to hospital for having bronchitis for three weeks.

Hill said during the interview, and rightly so, if you take that much matter it eventually effects your lungs and that is exactly what happened to me. The actor also mentioned that he never took that much Vitamin D in his entire life and it felt like he could lift a car on his head with high level of energy.

The Wolf of Wall Street was directed by Martin Scorsese and Leonardo DiCaprio played the role of Jordan Belfort who was a wealthy stock-broker. The movie covers Belfort’s life from his rise to his fall as a corrupt and criminal individual. Jonah Hill was a surprise entry in The Wolf of Wall Street considering his past profile but his performance was praised and was even nominated for an Oscar for Best Supporting Actor category after this film.

The 22 Jump Street actor also admits that the glorious life of showbiz is no easy game and what actors and everybody involved in film making has to do to reach to a level of perfection is an uphill task.

Jonah Hill, who has lost lots of weight in recent times and started to look smart finally, has been known for his comedy roles in 21 Jump Street (with Channing Tatum), Accepted, Knocked Up, Moneyball, This is the End and Superbad. Jonah Hill is also a screenwriter who wrote screenplays of his own three movies. He has also been ranked as one of the highest paid actors during the period of June 2014-June 2015 by Forbes magazine.

The comedian had his War Dogs released yesterday (August 19), which is a war/drama with backdrop of comedy. The movie stars, other than Hill, Miles Teller and Steve Lantz. Check its trailer below and if you like our post please like and share on your social media profiles.

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