Hottest Bodies Featured In Shape Magazine

Shape is a monthly English language fitness magazine by Weider Publications. It was initiated in 1981, and its founder is Christine MacIntyre. With the passage of time, it became it pioneer fitness magazines for world’s women. Versions of Shape are available in Germany, Austria, the US, Switzerland, and other parts of the world.

As of January 2015, Shape was to be acquired by Meredith Corp. Some of this magazine’s best sections are Features & Cover Stories, Shape Your Life, Look Great, Live Healthy, Get Fit, Eat Right, and others. Topics such as physical attraction, beauty, travel, fashion, home décor, lifestyle, and fitness, etc. are discussed.

It would not be wrong to say that there are numerous magazines on the shelves, highlighting celebrities in a seducing style. All of them showcase the fashion, talk about celebs’ lives, and try their best to give tough competition to one another. Shape, however, is one of those mags that showcase the physique of celebs. Not only the physical beauty of stars is highlighted, but also this magazine talks openly about how those celebrities focus on their fitness and well-being.

The best part is that Shape has never stayed stuck with the same old toothpick model standard. Instead, it emphasizes on fitness in a way that could engage more and more readers. For example, it teaches us how to keep the muscles in shape, and how to take care of our skin, etc.

Being a cover girl of Shape magazine is a big opportunity for any female. It is true that once its photographers click you, your chances of becoming a celebrity increase in number. You not only show off your physique without being overly sexualized, but also can capture the attention of top fashion designers. Thus, we can say that every celebrity should model for this giant magazine once in a lifetime if she wants to gain attention quickly. Here I have talked about hottest bodies featured in Shape mag.

1. Sofia Vergara gained success as a Hollywood diva and a fashion model. Her poses for Shape made her every eye loving in no time.

2. Beyonce is a female that never made excuses for not being the typical size zero like other Hollywood females. In an issue of Shape, she looks adorable and physically fit.

3. Shape chose Olivia Wilde for one of its latest issues. Being on the cover, Wilde was feeling hesitation. In this super-cool outfit, she has taken the stage.

4. Lauren Cohan rose to the limelight with her incredible work in the hit series, The Walking Dead. Her recent pose for Shape magazine showed off her stunning physique.

5. There was a time when Khloe Kardashian looked fat. Now she has managed to look fit and slim, and that is evident from her photos.

Would you like to pose for Shape magazine?

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