Don’t Breathe Creates Tension In Cinemas (Video)

Don’t Breathe is a smasher. It is the movie that everybody is talking about today. Released today (26 August, 2016) at 2500 theaters, Don’t Breathe is topping the charts and breaking many records for its opening day. The movie has made nearly $2m after the short span of its release and is expected to hit a $20m mark on its first weekend eventually pushing down Suicide Squad from its top position. Albeit, it is too early to speculate that huge weekend figure but going by its strong opening one can expect to achieve that in coming days.

This horror flick is R-rated movie meaning you will need company of an adult if you are below 17 and this is highly advised. The movie stars Jane Levy, Stephen Lang and Dylan Minnette playing key roles. Watch its trailer below folks.

Don’t Breathe is directed by Fede Alvarez who was severely criticized after his debuted film Evil Dead (2013) that was a remake of Hollywood horror classic back from 1980s. Alvarez was rebuked because of showing many extremely violence scenes and blood shed in his Evil Dead. He was also blamed for shocking the audience way too much with his techniques.

With Don’t Breathe Alvarez has avoided to create the same impression this time and has actually concentrated more on the story and creating suspense in the film. Don’t Breathe has very unique plot in which a group of friends plans a heist and breaks in to a blind man’s house who happens to be very rich person. Considering their plan will work perfectly and they will get away with this easily, all three friends get to witness that blind man is not as disable as it appeared to them. Ultimately they face a life threat from the owner of the house and there starts a cat-and-mouse chase inside the house.

Made with just under $10m budget, this movie has garnered postive reviews from the critics and here is what The Guardian had to say about the movie “Don’t Breathe is a master class in tension, and while its script could have been written on the back of an envelope, its editing and use of sound design is a triumph for film theorists”.

Don’t Breathe is produced by Ghost House Pictures and Good Universe and the movie is distributed by Screen Gems and Stage 6 Films. On 12 August, 2016, the movie was premiered at South by Southwest before its thearetical release today.

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