Nicolas Cage and Akshay Kumar; Script Gone Wrong.

Nicolas Cage and Akshay Kumar, yes, we know that both actors are from two very different film industries, Hollywood and Bollywood respectively, but there are few things common between these two superstars.

Nicolas Cage an American veteran actor and producer, born in California, is known for his roles in City of Angels, Face Off, Gone in Sixty Seconds and Leaving Las Vegas. Cage has played variety of roles in his entire career from being a romantic hero to a villain, from being a thief to a cop. His amazing performance in Leaving Las Vegas won him an Oscar for Best Actor. And not only this, his many performances have been critically acclaimed in Hollywood industry.

Akshay Kumar, who is one of the best talents in Bollywood industry when it comes to action adventure films, the martial arts expert is a model come actor. His ability and guts to do his own stunts made him popular in his early film career. The actor is nicknamed, Khiladi (Player), due to his one after the other movie referring this handsome actor as Khiladi in different ways. Not all of these movies were a super hit at box office but the action in this series of movies did entertain its audience. Akshay Kumar has been nominated several times in Award shows based on his performance.

akshay kumar

Cage and Kumar are two versatile actors and both are known for their hard work and on-set dedication. Despite their sheer talent we believe that both of these super stars have made silly decisions along their career in terms of choosing the respective roles. Both have wasted their talents by choosing immature and bad scripts.

For instance, Akshay Kumar does more films in a year than any other Bollywood hero and that, to us, is desperation. This desperation is for money or to become number one hero in Bollywood we cannot determine this but we do know that he doesn’t need to do loads of movies in a year to be at that top spot.


Talking about Nicolas Cage, a man whose performance can never be forgotten as Castor Troy in Face Off, has been doing some stupid flop science fiction, supernatural and horror films lately. No we are not joking this is true. The Rock star seems to have lost his wisdom in choosing scripts just like Akshay Kumar.

What future holds for both of these talented individuals only time can decide but we wish both of them very good luck and hope their selection of scripts become slightly smarter than what it is now. We have our finger crossed for Rustom and Snowden.

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