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Welcome to TrendsOfCelebs! Our name definitely gives a pretty good clue about what you can expect from this platform, but we have given detailed description below in order to avoid any confusion.

The focus of TrendsOfCelebs.com is on providing the readers with interesting articles related to celebrities, entertainment, fashion, and much more.

Whether you have just dipped your toes in the marvelous world of entertainment or you just want to spend some spare time while reading some useful posts, we have all types of readable materials for you.

Our aim is to bring forth reader-friendly original contents and there is no intention of TrendsOfCelebs.com to harm the repute of another similar website/blog.

The Team

Mark Peterson – Editor

Mark Peterson is an experienced and educated man, working as he editor of the website. With more than 8 years of experience of blogs related to entertainment and celebrities, Mark gives his best to make this website as much informative and useful as possible. He has written for several popular publications.

Angelina Hale – Writer

Angelina Hale is our freelance writer from London. She previously contributed to websites including Problogger, TheRichest, and others.

Daniel Steve – Founder

Daniel Steve has created TrendsOfCelebs.com in 2015. With years of writing, SEO, and web development experience, Daniel was pretty interested to begin a blog of his own. The main focus of this talented person, nowadays, is to present freshly written articles so that more and more readers can be attracted.

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